Calumet County Sheriff Mark Ott –  “I recently met with Haberman and I was impressed that he wanted to create a trusting relationship with the DA’s Office and the law enforcement community and be a voice for victims of all crimes. I have made contact with fellow law enforcement agencies, district attorneys, and citizens where Haberman has been. He is highly respected by all.”

Chief Dave Funkhouser of the Kiel Police Department – “I’ve endorsed Haberman for Calumet County District Attorney because we need a strong advocate for victims and a District Attorney who will work as a team player with law enforcement to bring those who commit crimes to justice. I’ve worked with Haberman and I’ve seen firsthand his care and compassion for victims. Nathan Haberman is my choice for Calumet County District Attorney.”

Chief Brian Reedy of the New Holstein Police Department – “Nathan Haberman is an experienced prosecutor, who is hard working, dedicated and committed. He is truly a professional and will work for the rights of victims of Calumet County.

Nathan Haberman is “Law Enforcement’s Choice” for District Attorney in Calumet County. I got to know Nathan and I found him to be personable, dedicated to his family, a good listener and has the energy to lead our district attorney’s office. He is also concerned for the rights of victims and wants to hold people accountable for their wrong doing. I am voting on August 9th for Nathan Haberman for Calumet County District Attorney as he is dedicated to his position and will rebuild the working relationship between law enforcement of Calumet County and the district attorney’s once again! You need to make Haberman your choice.”

Craig Plehn, Chief of Chilton Police Department – “I have known Nathan Haberman since he was hired in Sheboygan County approximately 7 years ago. Not only is Haberman an outstanding prosecutor, his hard work ethic and outstanding professionalism sets him apart from anyone else. He is an advocate for victims. He is also an outstanding father and and family man. Without a doubt, he will relentlessly serve the citizens of Calumet County to make this the safest place to live and raise a family. Please vote for Nathan Haberman for District Attorney on August 9, 2016.”

Jo Ann Mignon, Chief of the Brillion Police Department – “My first contact with Haberman was while working on a multi-county jurisdictional investigation. This investigation involved a repeat offender traveling through communities all over Wisconsin and Illinois committing additional crimes and creating more victims including here in Brillion. Several of those communities affected by this individual were served by Haberman. Haberman took a strong stand and wanted to be sure this individual was held accountable for his actions. Haberman could have dealt with just his local charges and law enforcement on this case but instead he took time to coordinate law enforcement meetings with officers from all over the state, asked for additional resources and assistance from the Department of Criminal Investigations and issued warrants for the collection of evidence. Haberman knew what to do and how to get it done, he took the lead to help out not only his county but ours and many others in Northeastern Wisconsin.  In turn, he helped many victims begin their journey of healing. I was immediately impressed by his leadership skills, his knowledge, his dedication to put in whatever time was needed and his compassion for not only his county he served but for all those victimized by this criminal. Haberman was asked and is willing to come to Calumet County to become a member of the law enforcement team. I am excited for the opportunity to work with him again. Nathan Haberman is my choice for Calumet County District Attorney.”

Dione Knop, Victim/Witness Coordinator in Sheboygan County – As the Victim Witness Coordinator for Sheboygan County, I have worked with Nathan Haberman for the past almost seven years.  He was approached by your local law enforcement leaders to run for the position of District Attorney of Calumet County.  These law enforcement leaders are endorsing Nate because they have confidence in his abilities, confidence they do not have in your current elected official.  This is a very important election and I strongly encourage you to become informed of your choices and to get out to vote on August 9th, 2016.  It is crucial that you exercise your right to vote because your elected District Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer for your county.  I have complete confidence that Nathan Haberman is extremely qualified and will be the best choice for this critical position.

As a colleague, I have seen Nate apply himself wholeheartedly to the challenges of prosecuting criminal cases.   He has worked with an extremely  high case load, handling all types of crimes.  I have watched him treat victims of crime with great respect and I have seen his commitment to ensuring that victims have an active role in the criminal court process.  He is patient in working with people and gives great attention to detail.  Beneath his professional demeanor, he is a fierce prosecutor.  I have seen him in many multiple day jury trials.  I have watched Nate argue passionately to many juries and have seen him successfully convict many defendants in difficult cases.  His vast experiences in court have made him well prepared and extremely effective  in court proceedings.  He has earned the respect of local law enforcement and his peers.

I selfishly wish he would stay in his position in Sheboygan County so we could continue to work together.   However, I realize the benefit he can provide in Calumet County and I think your community deserves an elected official of his caliber.”  

Joe DeCecco, Sheboygan County District Attorney – “Nate has been a leading prosecutor in the Sheboygan County District Attorney’s Office for almost seven years now. He has shown himself to be a highly dedicated, extremely competent, and exceptionally effective Assistant District Attorney. Nate has successfully prosecuted many complicated and emotional cases in his career here and has proved himself to be a highly valued member of our staff.  The eight law enforcement agencies that regularly serve Sheboygan County know well the kind of work he does in support of their efforts to bring criminals to justice and Nate has earned their respect and admiration through his hard work and dedication.

Nate now seeks to bring his expertise, knowledge and dedication to Calumet County by serving as its District Attorney. While I hate to see him leave Sheboygan County, I know that Sheboygan County’s loss will be Calumet County’s gain.”

Mary Wagner, Assistant District Attorney Sheboygan County – “I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse Assistant District Attorney Nate Haberman in his campaign to become Calumet County’s next District Attorney.  I have worked as a prosecuting attorney for the State for the past sixteen years, and have worked with and alongside Nate during his entire tenure in our office in Sheboygan.  I couldn’t ask for a better or more dependable “comrade in arms.”  Since he started in Sheboygan several years ago, Nate has proven himself to be steady, reliable, intelligent, consistent, steadfast, and creative, with both a quick sense of humor, and an appreciation and awareness of the human frailties that underscore much of what comes through the door of a District Attorney’s office.  I’d hate to see him leave Sheboygan because I’ve enjoyed working with him so much, but our loss would totally be Calumet County’s gain.”

Matt Walsh, law enforcement detective in Sheboygan County – “I have been in law enforcement for a total of 23 years with the last 11 years as a detective. During the course of my career I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best and brightest legal minds at the Sheboygan County District Attorney’s Office. One of those people is Assistant District Attorney Nathan Haberman, who is running for District Attorney in Calumet County.  I have known Nathan for 7 years. I worked closely with Nathan on many serious crimes. I feel compelled to step forward and let the voters in Calumet County know that a vote for Nathan Haberman would be a vote that you could be proud of. I believe that Nathan Haberman is the choice for District Attorney of Calumet County.

If Nathan is elected to District Attorney in Calumet County, I will be very sad to see Sheboygan County lose a fine prosecutor. The citizens of Sheboygan County will lose a big asset. But, Sheboygan County’s loss will be Calumet County’s gain. While working closely with Nathan I found him to be an aggressive prosecutor, who stands up for victims and their families. Nathan is less concerned with his own image and more concerned with making sure that he is doing the right thing at the right time and for the right reasons.  I have repeatedly found Nathan to be very ethical. Nathan is very detail-oriented and meticulous when it comes to preparing for court. Nathan leaves no stone unturned during a prosecution. If something were to happen to someone in my family, I would want Nathan Haberman on that case.

District Attorneys have to walk a fine line by always tempering aggressive prosecution with making sure that they are making legal decisions respective of the law and the Constitution of the United States. I have always been impressed with Nathan’s morals and ethics and have frequently sought out his advice when I needed direction in a tough case.

On a personal note, Nathan is a hard-worker and a good family man. Nathan is a very down-to-earth person who the average-Joe can relate to. Nathan is an avid outdoorsman and a Green Bay Packer fan, too. Please vote for Nathan Haberman for District Attorney of Calumet County on August 9th. You won’t be disappointed.”

Gerald Urban, law enforcement detective in Sheboygan County – “I am a Detective in Sheboygan County and I have spent my entire 29 years in law enforcement there. Based upon my personal experience over that time, the Sheboygan County District Attorney’s Office has had many Assistant District Attorneys prosecute cases that were investigated by the various law enforcement agencies in our county. Nathan Haberman has been an exceptional prosecutor who has consistently and effectively prosecuted cases that I and other law enforcement officers have referred to him.

He has always objectively and fairly reviewed my cases and assisted me and others in during the course of ongoing investigations with legal advice and the preparation of search and arrest warrants when requested, no matter what hour of the day it was. Crime does not occur only between the hours of 9 to 5. Law enforcement is a 24 hour a day business and your District Attorney must be responsive to that reality. Nathan Haberman understands this and he has always been willing to do whatever was necessary, no matter what hour of the day it was to pursue justice for those that rely on us to do just that.

Calumet County is an adjacent county to Sheboygan County and what happens in your county can directly impact other surrounding counties. Therefore, it is in the interests of the surrounding counties residents, but more importantly your own county that Calumet County has an effective District Attorney that can work with law enforcement to combat crime. That is why I believe Nathan Haberman is that man and he will serve the citizens of Calumet County well.”

Tamara Remington, law enforcement detective in Sheboygan County – “I have been in law enforcement for over 21 years and I am currently a police detective at a Sheboygan County law enforcement agency. I have had the pleasure to work closely with Assistant District Attorney Nathan Haberman for the past seven years while he’s been at the Sheboygan District Attorney’s Office.

I have worked some very serious, high profile cases with him prosecuting them, and I have witnessed his professionalism and knowledge throughout not only the trials, but during the preparation and after a case is done with his follow-up with victims throughout the whole process. I have also witnesses his passion and dedication to serving victims and the community as a whole.

He is always approachable and willing to help and listen and work together to solve problems or overcome obstacles. Even some of the newest officers have commented to me that ADA Haberman is very welcoming with an open door and willingness to be a team player and communicate openly.

He has handled cases I have investigated, from sex assaults to homicide, and I was impressed with his professional and competent handling of these cases as well as his compassionate handling of all those involved, from victims and witnesses to surviving family members. He was recognized for his excellent service to crime victims and outstanding victim advocacy when he received the 2014 recognition from the Wisconsin Victim/Witness Professional Association.

Nathan Haberman is very trustworthy, dedicated, honest, committed and hard working. He is very intelligent and is a problem solver and able to multitask and handle complex and challenging situations. He is always willing to help and makes himself accessible and available to help with search warrants and subpoenas, even if it’s a case he isn’t assigned.

Most recently, I have seen Nathan Haberman take on the topic of human trafficking and take a proactive approach to educate himself and his co-workers in understanding current trends and also researching resources needed to help survivors of human trafficking.

Nathan is a dedicated, hardworking team player and a “can do” person. Anyone fortunate enough to work with him would benefit greatly. While I would be sad to see him leave Sheboygan County, I would love to see Nathan Haberman as District Attorney of Calumet County, which is home to many of my friends and loved ones, so that he can make some important changes to stay ahead in the prosecution of crimes and to put community safety and service at the forefront.”

Joel Urmanski, prosecuting attorney in Sheboygan County – “On Tuesday, August 09, voters in Calumet County will elect their District Attorney for the next four years. The decision of who to vote for is incredibly important. As an Assistant District Attorney for just over ten years and a colleague of Nathan Haberman for many of those years, I know that he has the communication skills, knowledge and ability to be an excellent District Attorney who will serve and protect the citizens of Calumet County.

A District Attorney is technically the lead law enforcement officer in a county. He or she must garner the respect of law enforcement and work closely with them to assist, guide and educate. A District Attorney is also entrusted with enforcing the law by deciding who to charge with crimes, what crimes to charge, and how cases should be resolved. To be effective, a District Attorney must be respected, able to communicate with law enforcement and the community at large, have a passion for the law and justice, and have the skill to win at trial.
Based on my many years of experience working with Nathan, I know that he has what it takes to be an excellent District Attorney. I have witnessed first-hand law enforcement’s respect for his work. I have been present as officers sought him out for his advice and help. I have witnessed his passion in upholding the law and seen him use his intelligence to expertly prosecute cases. I know that he has the skill needed to prosecute the most technical and difficult of cases. Given his attributes, I was not at all surprised when law enforcement in Calumet County sought him out to be the next District Attorney in Calumet County.

Recently, there have been questions about why Nathan is not running for District Attorney in Sheboygan County. I do not see his decision as a negative; instead, I see his choice as exemplary of his character. He decided not to oppose my own run for the position given my longer tenure in Sheboygan County, long-standing desire for the position and our mutual respect for each other. In Nathan Haberman Calumet County would receive a man of character who law enforcement and community members can rely upon for knowledge, communication, passion and skill.”

Here is what the Law Enforcement Leaders in Calumet County recently said about the August 9th Republican Primary Election in a letter to the editor:

“As the law enforcement executives of Calumet County we urge you to get out and vote on Tuesday for Nathan Haberman, who is running for the office of Calumet County District Attorney. Nathan brings experience as a prosecutor, is a listener, is professional and is a family man. Nathan also possesses and demonstrates many other fine qualities, making him an outstanding candidate for Calumet County District Attorney.

People have asked us why we are endorsing Nathan for this office. Our concerns are many, but primarily deal with the lack of communication and cooperation from the current district attorney and what we all feel is a failure to hold people who have committed crimes in our communities accountable for their actions.

The officers who serve and protect the citizens of their respective communities investigate the incidents to the best of their abilities and are making good arrests. Unfortunately, not all arrested are being held accountable for their violations and many times are re-offending.

We as law enforcement executives of Calumet County feel decisions being made of the current district attorney of our county are not in the best interest of the citizens and the victims of Calumet County.

Again, we remind you to vote Tuesday for Nathan Haberman.

Thank you for your support!

Sheriff Mark Ott, Chilton

Chief Jo Ann Mignon, Brillion

Chief Craig Plehn, Chilton

Chief Brian Reedy, New Holstein

Chief Dave Funkhouser, Kiel”